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NASA & Apple Engineers Get Together To Design The Perfect Coffee Maker

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Blossom One coffee maker


The Blossom One Machine is designed to brew coffee. So what’s the difference? For starters, it was built by former Apple and NASA engineers who wanted to give the world a taste of coffee brewed exactly right i.e. taking the proper temperature into consideration.


The surprisingly small machine actually comes with a built in camera, which can scan the QR code on the coffee beans bag thus estimating the proper time and temperature of brewing the beans so as to make the perfect cuppa. Coffee lovers all over the world can also create their own recipes and simply let Blossom One take the right decision about its brewing technique by downloading the necessary information about its roasting procedure via Wi-Fi.


Jeremy Kuempel, the founder of the coffee machine is all excited at its prospects and has even started demonstrating it to the media.


However, don’t aspire to save and buy one for using it at home. This one is strictly for commercial use and costs a whopping $11,000, a price that cannot be justified by making the thick, black caffeinated brew at home, however scientific it may be. 



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