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Have You Tried These Meatball Shot Glasses Yet?

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Meatball shot glasses

Once you are through with reading this, you would be heading straight to the kitchen to prepare these meatball shot glasses for your next BBQ party. If you are tired of serving shots in the same old glasses every time, here is your chance to show how different a host you are.


These shot glasses are made out of meet entirely and you can serve anything in them, be it bacon vodka, soup shots, or just a stick of cheese or celery. These meat glasses are made with stainless steel shot glasses as molds, some minced beef, spices, and a grill. You can make these glasses at home yourself and then serve them at a wedding party, a birthday celebration or even a funeral.


So, this is a killer idea for your next party! Do let us know whether you got all your glasses back or not.



Image Courtesy: manbque

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Have You Tried These Meatball Shot Glasses Yet?