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Mitt Romney Ancestor Haunts Kendal Pub

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Mitt Romney's ghost ancestor

Agnes Romney, a mischievous ghost resembling an old woman, is believed to haunt a local pub in Kendal. The ghost makes her presence felt by knocking glasses off tables as well as closing cupboard doors.The staff of the pub has also felt her presence through her moving of buckets and opening and shutting drawers.


Hennie Kuger, assistant manager at the Kendal pub reports seeing the reflection of an old lady in the window. He believes she just wants to hang around her old home. The lady ghost in question is believed to be an ancestor of the Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.


Kuger believed that renovating and refurbishing the place would allow them to get rid of old Agnes, but the ghost seems to be quite determined to hang around and has returned to her usual antics now that the pub has reopened it's doors.




Image Credit- hauntproject; biography

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Mitt Romney Ancestor Haunts Kendal Pub