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Mayo For Men!

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mannaise- the manly mayo

Mayonnaise is a much loved condiment. But did you know that it was girly? No, right? We didn’t have an inkling about its female side either until we came across mannaise i.e a manly mayonnaise. So what is it basically and how does it differ from our favorite mayo? Here are the answers…


The condiment is just mayo blended with some grilled jalapenos.  And how does that make it manly? Well, the spicy, hot taste for one coupled with the lush, bushy moustache that the mascot for Mannaise has. And yes…It is a product for men created totally by men! No womanly touch there.


The mayo for men has already been tested and found to be just ‘awesome.’ However, the company needs an additional $10,000 for starting the first batch of production following which America might get the opportunity for choosing between ‘his’ and ‘hers’ brand of mayo.


Do you want to back it? Decide and let us know.



Image Credit- kickstarter

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Mayo For Men!