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Vineyard Tending Goes Robotic

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wine robot- wall-Ye

Wall-Ye, the wine robot is now here to aid the wine makers create the finest vintage wines without having to worry about labor unrest or shortage of staff. The robot is capable of recognizing individual vines and move from plant to plant tending them including de-suckering and pruning. In addition, the mechanized vineyard helper will also be able to record soil and vine related data thus helping the farmers to better their yield both in quality as well as quantity.


Wine makers like Claire Gazeau-Montrasi is overjoyed at the prospect of putting it to use although it does not come cheap. The Wall-Ye now costs an astounding $32,000 and is still in the testing stage. However, Gazeau-Montrasi is very keen to try it out. She says, "I think it could be a bonus to have a little robot who does the boring jobs for us." She is not alone in endorsing the wine robot though. Illustrious names in wine making such as Chateau Mouton-Rothschild has already signed up for participating in the test runs.


Hopefully, the wine robot Wall-Ye will help us taste better wines in greater quantity in the near future. Cheers!


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Vineyard Tending Goes Robotic