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Vodka Is The New Topping At Salvatore Pizza, Hic, Hic!

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Salvatore vodka pizza

Now producing an ID for a pizza may sound a bit outrageous but doing so to buy an alcoholic-pizza sure makes some sense. The Salvatore pizza chain has put up a new menu item, called the “21-plus Pizza”, which is topped with, among other things, vodka. The only hitch is that you may be asked to provide an age-proof before you can order this pizza.


The regulation is necessary because apart from mozzarella, gorgonzola, prosciutto, and honey, the chain’s “Vignola Cherry Pizza” is also topped with dried Italian cherries soaked in raspberry vodka. The pizza is one of the experiments that the restaurant is currently conducting. Since the alcohol content of the pizza went up, the eatery had to put up this condition. Despite that, you won’t actually get drunk on this pizza. You can just taste it in every bite.




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