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Girl Scouts Cookies Boxes Get a Makeover

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Girl Scout Cookies

Tradition is always good but it can definitely look better with some new packaging. That is what is happening with Girl Scout Cookies. Despite being a popular treat for Americans, the organization thinks a new-look with their packaging should do them good as the festive season approaches.


While the cookies and their taste remains the same, the new packaging offers something more personal. The new boxes, five total, will represent the five entrepreneurial skills that the organization teaches girls. These skills are: money management, goal setting, business ethics, decision making, and people skills. The fact that the training of these skills has turned the Girl Scouts into a $790 million business conglomerate is enough to guarantee the success of the brand's new boxes. The organization is hoping to communicate directly with more than 50 million customers all over America with its new cookie boxes.


The last makeover of cookie boxes was undertaken by the Girl Scouts in 1999 and this latest change coincides with the organization’s 100th birthday.



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Girl Scouts Cookies Boxes Get A Makeover