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Nutella Breakfast Tour Is Coming To Town

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Nutella tour

Now who doesn’t love Nutella already? But, apparently, the company thinks it needs to boost its sales even more. So, they have brought a Breakfast Tour to your city, which would distribute 5,000 free samples of 13oz. jars to hungry Nutella fans.


Nutella food truck would make the rounds of the different US cities and it has already started, with New York City being its stop till October 5, 2012.Afterwards, the truck will tour into other US cities like Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and so on till December 15.


The free samples are filled with chocolate hazelnut spread, which people, especially children, love to spread over their apple slices, bread, waffles, and much more.


In case you are already wanting more of Nutella, keep a tab of the tour on Nutella’s Facebook page.



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Nutella Breakfast Tour Is Coming To Town