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Beer Safe To Drink Even After A Nuclear War

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beer safe to drink after nuclear-war

Operation Teapot: Project 32.2a was a scientific experiment conducted by the US military back in 1955. The army were no doubt concerned about the aftermath of a nuclear war, but they also wanted to test the drinkability of certain soft drinks, soda and other beverages should a nuclear reaction occur, rendering most foods inedible due to high amounts of radiation.


The results found that beer and soda remained almost unaltered and could be safely drunk in wake of a nuclear fallout while fruit juices and other soft drinks did not remain drinkable. The cans and bottles placed at a minimum distance were even found to retain the carbonation.


The documents concerned with the experiment declared beer to be a safe drink, should you survive a nuclear war. Surprisingly, the results did not mention anything about the levels of radiation within the mild alcoholic beverage. It seems that the retention of flavor after a nuclear war seemed to be the only concern of the army personnel.


So now you know- the only drink to guarantee full satisfaction during war and peace is BEER!


Image Credit- coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly.blogspot ; thejamphangan

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Beer Safe To Drink Even After A Nuclear War