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Bacon Shortage News Is A Big Hoax

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Bacon Shortage

Hold your horses! And pigs too! There is going to be no bacon shortage in the world, not tomorrow, not next year, not anytime soon. The news started making rounds after the British National Pig Association said in a release that there was going to be a worldwide shortage of pork and bacon next year.


It has now been revealed that the press release, or at least, that particular sentence about bacon shortage, was just a ploy on part of UK vendors to get people to pay more for local pork and bacon products. You may think how mean is that but face the fact – suppliers employ such tricks all the time in order to boost their sales by a few more thousand dollars or pounds, doesn’t matter!


While nothing is going to happen to the number of pigs, the real problem here is the corn, which is used to feed the farm animals, including pigs. The corn has been in short supply due to recent drought conditions in several European countries, as well as, in America. Now, if the feed is short, people are jumping to conclusions here. Shortage of corn would not translate into shortage of bacon or pork. It simply means you will have to pay more for your strip of bacon at the meat shop.


So, the bottomline is higher costs. Although your bacon is not going to become extinct in the near future, it surely is going to cost you more.



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Bacon Shortage News Is A Big Hoax