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McDonald’s First Fast Food Chain To Launch TV Channel

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M Channel

The McDonald’s chain of restaurants is offering a new menu choice to its customers – a TV channel. The company has launched a custom-made M Channel for its valuable customers, which will be telecast to McDonald’s customers across the American outlets. This is a first such attempt by a fast food chain to consolidate its customer base and, though, there is no hurry to jump to its consequences, the TV channel sure offers advertisers a new base to feature unhealthy food to gullible people.


In its testing stage, the channel will be launched in select 700 restaurants and the team behind this venture has been instructed to ensure that the M Channel is as iconic as the chain’s Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets. Lee Edmondson is the man behind this project and it took him eight years to develop this concept. The M Channel has been described as a “more than television vision.”


The channel will telecast news, entertainment programs and sportscasts. All the program content would be tailored to local needs and, yes, there will be promotional content too (what did we tell you?). The company intends to expand the reach of M Channel to about 14,000 outlets all over the country by the end of year 2014. However, it is too early to say whether the M Channel would also prove to be as successful as its fellow menu items.


One thing is sure, though, this is one McDonald’s product, which will not make you obese.



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