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Burger King’s Black Burger Dawns In Japan

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Burger King

Chefs Heston Blumenthal and Marco Pierre White are famous for this kind of crazy creations, not Burger King. Yet, it seems, the fast food giant has hit upon some bizarre formula to hit headlines these days. A few days ago, it was an unsolicited visit to a McDonald’s outlet and now it is the black bamboo and squid ink burger. The name itself is enough to put you off burgers for the rest of the life. But, since curiosity anyways kills the cat, let us explain.


This new burger is being offered from September 28, 2012, in the Japanese franchises of Burger King, to celebrate the chain’s fifth anniversary in the country. Well, now that you hear Japan, the burger doesn’t sound all that outrageous, right?


The buns for this black burger are made with bamboo charcoal mixed into the regular dough. The black patty is made with tomato beef and paprika, drenched in black squid ink ketchup. The burger will cost $6.25 along with fries and a drink of your choice. And no prizes for guessing the name – it is ‘Kuro’ or ‘black in Japanese.’


The burger chain wants to overturn perceptions with this creation. Whether it succeeds to do so, is for the customers to answer.



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Burger King’s Black Burger Dawns In Japan