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Onions Provoke McFury

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McDonald’s have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The latest being a classic case of McFury!


Apparently a young man called Jayme John Leon walked into an McDonald’s in Oregon and came back with a quarter pounder burger which had no onions according to his wish. However, he 'lost it' when confronted with a thick layer of onion topping. Leon then called up the outlet demanding a refund and was asked to collect it along with a fresh burger as a replacement for not being able to eat the one he bought.


Leon chose not to waste it though and ate it with relish after which he walked into McDonald’s and claimed his refund and replacement. The authorities could not comply as he did not have the offending burger to show them.  This enraged Leon so much that he hurled a glass of soda at the manager and pounded the cash register, breaking it open.


The police nabbed him as he was heading home charging him with harassment, first-degree criminal mischief,  and disorderly conduct.



Image Credit- tinuo.blogspot; tracingthetribe.blogspot

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Onions Provoke McFury