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View ‘M’ Channel At McDonald’s

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McDonalds-TV channel

McDonald’s has decided to jump into the world of television now. It will soon be seen broadcasting programs on its very own M channel at the outlets while they serve burgers and fries.


The channel will air special programs which are likely to be area specific so that the people remain interested. A nice mix of sports, news, entertainment, and game shows are in the pipeline with McDonald also hoping to get adverts from the local area. No restaurants or pubs please! There might also be news about a sales in the vicinity or the local high school football event.


Downloading music and online shopping are also being thought about,  Lee Edmondson, the person who had toyed with the concept of M channel discloses.


McDonald’s or its franchisees are yet to okay this project but Edmondson feels that it can expand to more than 14,000 outlets in America well within 18 months. Music companies are always keen to jump into the bandwagon as "the channel provides a platform to market music in ways that have never been done before."


Details must be worked out though and the project is still in its preliminary stage at present. Monitoring the News content would also be of importance as information about uncooked food or pink slime at McDonald’s might result in losing their customers for good.



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View ‘M’ Channel At McDonald’s