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Get A Coffee Owl To Guard Your Kitchen At Night

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coffee owl

Attractive wall hangings tend to lend elegance to a room, but what if you are a hard core foodie? Would you really be tempted to frame and hang food from your walls instead of artful master pieces? Well, not quite, but the at least the digital prints that act as wall décor might help you to make your wish come true.


The latest art trend is now being depicted in coffee beans and looks like…you guessed it right…an owl! You are likely to open your eyes and look straight at the coffee owl first thing in the morning before you sip coffee! A collage of the fragrant beans is just right to set your mood. And the realistic looking eyes? Well, those are just white cups filled with a strong, black coffee brew. An owlish glare that is sure to get you up and about every morning.



Image Credit- Baby’s Own

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Get A Coffee Owl To Guard Your Kitchen At Night