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McShaker Fries Ride On Gangnam Style

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Gangnam Style

The 'horse-ride' dance of the Gangnam Style video has found its way onto the McDonald's fries packet. Although, the debate is on on whether it is actually McDonald's, which is marketing its fries on the shoulders of the YouTube sensation, people are loving it so much that the potato fries are not the only thing to piggy back on the Gangnam Style.


The said packet of fries is said to contain "McShaker" fries and the printed images show the consumer how to eat the potato chips using the Psy dance. The pictures of the Gangnam Style fries packet have made their way onto Facebook and other websites, including Redditor. It is one Redditor who mentioned that the photograph could well be the result of Photoshop.


Nevertheless, there is a flood of entrepreneurs who are itching to cash in on the booming popularity of the video performed by a South Korean artiste Psy. The song is catchy and cult-inducing, which makes it a popular choice with manufacturers of T-shirts, mugs, Halloween costumes, and what not.


Image Courtesy: insing, hancinema 

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McShaker Fries Ride On Gangnam Style