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It Pays To Keep Your Fish Healthy!

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You would never have thought of this but scientific research has claimed that eating slimmer fish has better benefits for your body. Now that you have rolled your eyes enough, it would do you good to read why fish raised in the wild is good for your health than those raised at a farm.


New research indicates that farm fishes are lazy as compared to those that grow in the wild. Reason being that fish are used to “high levels of exercise performance”, but when they are raised in a farm, where they do not have to face the challenges of the wild, they tend to become lazy. Tony Farrell, student of fish physiology at the University of British Columbia’s Zoology department, explains that when fish are put “in constrained environments” and the predators are removed, “the consequences are they become a little more like couch potatoes.” This happens to all those fishes that you so lovingly eat, be it salmon, tuna or eel. In farm conditions, these fish develop all the symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle, such as heart disease and viral infections, just as humans. And that is what you get to eat, considering the fact that almost half of the fish consumed in the country today are farm-raised.

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A new book, “Swimming Physiology of Fish: Towards Using Exercise to Farm a Fit Fish in Sustainable Aquaculture”, is also asking commercial fish farmers to allow their fish to exercise, so as to improve their quality as well as quantity. If you are a fish farmer, it may pay for you to take this advice because a senior research scientist of the Norwegian Institute of Food Research (NOFIMA) says that fish farms tend to lose at least 20% of their stock of fish because of no exercise.


Although, there is no evidence to prove that the farm fish is less nutritional than the wild one, experts do suggest that eating a healthier fish can make a more attractive meal for the consumer. So, it is upto you now!



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It Pays To Keep Your Fish Healthy!