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No Bacon & Sausage! WHAT?!

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Bacon shortage

America may soon lose its regular supply of bacon and sausage if things do not improve in Europe. So, hold your breath and take a seat because what you are about to read  may cause a heart break but it is the truth. Britain is on the verge of a severe shortage of bacon and sausage because the pig farmers are cutting back on their herd size.


The UK’s National Pig Association has issued a warning press release in which it states that the “world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable”. The real culprit in this situation is the seasonal drought of last year, which affected crops in North America and Russia, namely the crops used to feed farm animals. As a result, the pig population, among other animal populations, is declining fast. The European Union has already released new data in this regard, which shows that because of high cost of feeding pigs, the pig farmers have decided to reduce the number of pigs in their herds.


The drought has forced farmers to take extreme steps to keep their herd but most of the farmers are not able to cope up with the changing situation. As a result, your bacon and sausage supply may get seriously affected. That being said, it may do you good to eat as much bacon as you can get your hands on!



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No Bacon & Sausage! WHAT?!