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GothamBox is a subscription based food service with a difference! While you may come across stores and catering services offering you organic foods or restriction menus, location based cuisine is a novelty indeed. The company specializes in sending a city or region specific ingredients to people living elsewhere. This has proved to be a wonderful opportunity for people who move from their home town but miss the familiar food in alien surroundings.


The entire idea was hit upon when Jonathan Chim, the co-founder of GothamBox received a parcel of food from his mother when he could not continue living at home. The venture succeeded with many homesick people willing to subscribe for it along with people who were keen to enjoy exotic locally grown foods that they have not tasted yet .


GothamBox has now teamed up with various small brands across New York and San Francisco and can provide you with coffee brands, fruits, biscuits and every other delicacy in between.


What’s more, the company donates a meal to hunger relief charities for every subscription it manages to get. So, here’s your chance to taste home food and feed the hungry all at one go.



Image Credit- crunchbase; subscriptionboxes

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Subscribe To Connect With Your City Food