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Michigan University Dining Scene Goes International

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Michigan University

Who said student life is all about hard work? Take a look at the college and university dormitories around the country and you realize that the students today are rolling in luxury even as their parents pay the cost. In fact, college life is now about hotel-like amenities such as beach volleyball, tanning booths, and hot tubs. So, is it any surprise that the food served at these dormitories is in the league of fine dining restaurants? No way!


A reminder of this was the National Association of College and University Food Services’ awards, presented last year. The University of Michigan received a ‘Gold Status’ recognition for the presentation and menu that it offered at its North Quadrangle Residential and Academic Complex. The menu consists of such delicacies as tortellini with walnut pesto sauce, salmon fillet, lamb, and shark. There is a Java Blue café and coffee shop too on the premises, where students can take a late-night break from all the cramming that they do. Besides, the multipurpose room has armchairs (yup, just like Hogwarts!) to help students do their project work in comfort.


The dining hall of this recreation center offers international dining offers, which were the main reason for the University winning the prestigious award. With vegetarian entrées, gourmet pizzas, and meal plans to choose from, the Michigan dining scene is obviously the choice for those students whoa re craving a crunchy, healthy, juicy, hearty, spicy, and whatever option to dine upon.



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Michigan University Dining Scene Goes International