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Oktoberfest Becomes Platform for Pushing Gay Marriage Rights

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The  Oktoberfest or "Die Wiesn" as the local Bavarians call their festival is underway now. The 16-day-festival in Munich is on from the 22nd of September - 7th of October and more than 6 million people are expected to descend on the beer tents to drink the world famous frothy beer as a part of the celebrations. The fest has been taking place in Germany every year since 1810.


This year, however, the gay community came together to celebrate ‘Gay Sunday’ on the 25th as part of the Oktoberfest. Germany has been debating the right to marriage for gay couples for some time now and the festival is definitely an ideal ground to emphasize the need for such a law, feels the German gay community. At a time when gay Germans are fighting hard for their right to marry, their high visibility at events like Oktoberfest, are forcing others to take notice.

Oktoberfest-Munich celebrations



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Oktoberfest Becomes Platform For Pushing Gay Marriage Rights