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Starbucks Outlet Near Lingyin Temple Offends Chinese Buddhists

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Starbucks near Buddhist shrine

The Lingyin Temple in the Hangzhou province of Eastern China is associated with peace and quiet where millions of Buddhist pilgrims come to find redemption for their souls. The opening of a brand new Starbucks outlet in the vicinity has led to a huge hue and cry in the country and it is being considered as a cultural invasion by America.


Posts on various social media sites have hinted at the coffee outlet being within the premises of the temple and several of the sites have taken up the issue since then naming it as, Starbucks Lingyin Temple. The spokesperson for Starbucks, however, has dismissed these claims as erroneous stating, "over the past 13 years since our entry to China, Starbucks has maintained deep respects for China’s cultural and historical heritage."


Pragmatists have, however, pointed out that the area around the temple is a commercial complex which had been veering towards capitalism for quite some time. Their claim is substantiated by the 6-month-old KFC outlet located in the same area.


While the protests and appeasement drama continues, we cannot help wondering whether the people coming in search of peace and quiet would actually be attracted by a highly energizing drink like coffee.



Image Credit- tripadvisor; whatsonjinan

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Starbucks Outlet Near Lingyin Temple Offends Chinese Buddhists