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Kellogg’s Eye China As The Potential Market For Breakfast Cereals

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kellogg's in china

Kellogg’s, the breakfast cereal giant is now eying the huge market of China which has begun to show interest in convenience foods due to its changing tastes vis-à-vis milk consumption. North America had been the main market of Kellogg’s operations so far as the Asian people were not too interested in packaged products. But the situation is changing rapidly now with the Chinese market all set to become the No. 1 in food and beverages.


Kellogg’s hopes to start a joint venture with Wilmar soon although it is already selling Frosted Flakes, Special K and Rice Krispies on its own right now. Market researchers find the Chinese more in favor of muesli like cereals as opposed to cornflakes. They also predict better business returns with breakfast bars instead of breakfast cereals that have to be mixed with milk.


With returns from its biggest international market, Europe looking increasingly bleak, Kellogg’s hopes to shift focus to the large, burgeoning middle class markets of Asia.



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