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Psychotic Man Attacks KFC Workers For Discounted Chicken Bucket

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KFC Psychotic attack

A psychotic Englishman recently threatened the workers at a KFC outlet in Northampton, just because the staff did not serve him since it was closing time for the restaurant. This flimsy reason was enough to send Hugh Brown into a rage and he not only rammed the fast food restaurant but also damaged a number of police cars in the process. Fortunately, the 50-year-old man was arrested and sentenced to seven years in jail.


The incident took place in March this year and it took the court about seven months to hand out the sentence. According to the KFC workers, Brown entered the KFC outlet about 20 minutes after the restaurant had been closed down for the day. He demanded a discount bucket of KFC's famous fried chicken but the staff told him he could not place an order beyond closing time. The video footage shown in the court revealed the indiscriminate violence unleashed by Brown at the restaurant, which included Brown threatening to impale the workers with a 20-foot pole.


Brown, then, ran out of the restaurant and drove off in his car but not before ramming into the police cars that reached the location after the KFC staff called the police. When he was caught by the cops, Brown said, "I only did it because they wouldn't give me a bargain bucket."


Really now! This is the limit.



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Psychotic Man Attacks KFC Workers For Discounted Chicken Bucket