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Do You Know Your Water Footprint?

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Won’t you spit out that cup of cappuccino in your hand if you were told that its water footprint was more than 200 litres? Well, any sensible person would do just that but, unfortunately, not everybody is aware of how much water it costs to keep up our modern lifestyle. That is the real tragedy on March 22, the World Water Day!


In a book named “Virtual Water,” Professor Tony Allen, who first created the concept of water footprint, described the amount of water consumed as per our daily food items. He informed the world that just for their daily breakfast (coffee, toast, eggs, and milk), an individual was responsible for consuming about 1,100 litres of water. The amount is staggering but it is a fact. Forget about the carbon footprints, it is time to become aware of how much water goes down the drain in order to produce the daily amenities, which we, so much, take for granted. With an unprecedented increase in the human population, there is no surprise in the fact that almost 40% of the total world population lives under “severe water stress” condition. UNESCO also reports that the number is set to grow upto two-thirds of the total population of the world by 2025, that is just 13 years away. So, you get the picture?

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It was almost six years ago that a UN report had stated, “The word crisis is sometimes overused in development. But when it comes to water, there is a growing recognition that the world faces a crisis that, left unchecked, will derail progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and hold back human development.”


Unfortunately, most of the people do not understand the issue properly. The only water consumption that you may be aware of at present is the water that you consume through drinking, cooking, washing, etc. But there is more to the water footprint than just your daily bathing.



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Do You Know Your Water Footprint?