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Buy The Right GPS Embedded Nestle’s Bar And Win £10,000

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Nestle-gps wrappers


The candy giant, Nestle has decided to give you £10,000 or almost $16,000 if you happen to be the proud owner of any one its wrappers, embedded with a GPS chip. Exciting, isn’t it? You only have to buy a  Nestle’s chocolate bar for starters but wait a min! Will any of them do? Certainly not, the GPS embedded chips come with the brands KitKat 4 Finger, Yorkie Milk chocolate bars, KitKat Chunky, and Aero Peppermint Medium right now and you can forget the idea of opting for any other if you are keen on getting the moolah courtesy Nestle.


And you need to be one of the lucky 6 that contain the GPS! But was it really necessary to sound so menacing? "We will look for you, we will find you and we will give you a cheque for £10,000." Is what Nestle promises to the chocolate lovers in UK.


So turn your eagle eye towards the chocolate wrapper you are so accustomed to throw away and get set to welcome the commandos who will track you down to the end of the earth if need be and… hand over the money to you! That too in 24 hours sharp!



Image Credit- gpsmagazine

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Buy The Right GPS Embedded Nestle’s Bar And Win £10,000