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Do You Have a Cilantro Hating Gene?

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Genes responsible for hate_cilantro

Infusing your food with aromatic herbs acts as both a garnish and flavor enhancer, more often than not. However, adding pungent smelling greens like cilantro may not always be successful, as a lot of people simply hate the scent and leafy texture. Scientists have gone ahead and revealed the real reason behind such aversion towards this herb. "It’s all in your genes" they say and it has nothing to do with your personal preference.


While the researchers do agree that genes may be influencing you to think that cilantro has a funky smell or tastes disgusting, the results can be subtly influenced by personal preference. Nicholas Eriksson, the lead scientist of the study stated that, "It isn't like your height, that you're stuck with. People can change it".


But the hatred for cilantro is so overwhelming in some people that they have actually started a website called, “I Hate Cilantro.” Do you really think that the cilantrophobes would have the patience to try and overcome their distaste for the green leaf? I don’t think so. Do let us know your opinion.



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Do You Have A Cilantro Hating Gene?