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Baby Making Myths Still Abound In UK

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It is surprising that people often do not have an inkling about the basic facts of life in this day and age and resort to ‘old wives’ tales’ or grandma’s remedies when it comes to conceiving a child. No, this is not about some obscure third world country in the back of the beyond, this still happens to be very much a part of life in…Great Britain!


Couples trying desperately to have a baby often drink grapefruit juice day after day or force themselves to ingest cough syrups on a regular basis even if they do not have any associated cold or cough.


Offering mint drops or food laced with mint leaves is bound to get you into trouble as the common belief forces the couple to go without the beautifully aromatic leaves when trying to start a family.


And of course a pregnant woman in UK is supposed to avoid strawberries like poison inspite of its many health benefits simply because they are supposed to be the cause of birthmarks in babies.


Yams are also a strict no-no if you would like to avoid having twins.


While the most normal way would be to keep a chart or let nature take over, some couples do need to visit fertility experts instead of depending on such myths. However, a lot of couples, even the young ones continue believing in the magical properties of food and would do anything to follow them religiously.



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Baby Making Myths Still Abound In UK