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‘Hungry’ Thief Digs His Way To Jail

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Food thief

Burglar Shawn McAleese is no ordinary burglar. He has a taste for the fine things in life and in order to fulfill his fantasies, he used to break into famous restaurants and bars and clear out the pantry of food and drink items. However, his story ended recently as he was sentenced to 28 to 56 years in prison for digging through walls to reach the pantries. Besides stuffing himself on stolen food, McAleese also stole about $23,500 in cash from the places that he robbed.


Among the things that he stole are hamburgers, vodka, sake, pork belly, and, hold your breath, chocolate soufflé cupcakes.


Although his lawyer, Brian T. Pakett, was quick to defend him in the court, saying that he had no superpowers to dig into the ground and through the walls, as stated by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the judge would have none of it.  The prosecution also presented several cases, which revealed how McAleese planned his robberies ahead and then broke in.


Image Courtesy: nydailynews, theskinnyonline

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‘Hungry’ Thief Digs His Way To Jail