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Sushi Gets A Sexy & Sweet Makeover

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Sushi, the delicious Japanese dish had has us fascinated for ages. While it referred to a dish of pickled fish and vinegar prepared with compressed rice in the medieval times, the tastes have changed along with its growing popularity and now you can also have vegetarian sushi made with tofu instead of seafood. But did you ever dream of a sushi cake?


Well,  Whipped Bakeshop has created a stunning cake that looks like sushi with the only difference being that every miniscule detail is made with sugar. From the nori to pea pods and delicate asparagus tips everything is etched in fondant and the cute chopsticks atop the cake will definitely make you gape in wonder.


The company also promises to craft your message on the chopsticks if you so desire. What a treat for your next Japanese themed party! However, you might be tempted to retain the sexy sushi cake instead of eating it. So think carefully before you order it!



Image Credit-  Whipped Bakeshop

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Sushi Gets A Sexy & Sweet Makeover