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Bacon Goes Under Cover

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Bacon ShortsBacon lovers are in for yet another treat, this time in the form of an underwear! Yes, the cured pig meat has now about to emerge as the ‘the underwear’ for men folk that too shaped like a boxer short. 


A couple of rashers on the fabric with the words ’I love Bacon’ being printed on the shorts will help you to profess your love for the breakfast food. After all, not everyone can sing an Ode to the Bacon like Nick Offerman


Beef lovers needn’t be sad though. Ginch Gonch, the makers of this unique shorts have one for the beefy tastes too.


But it is the bacon underwear that has been practically sizzling on the Internet now. Priced at $26, they can be safely bought online. Care to present one to your boy friend? Do it in style in accompaniment to a hot plateful of bacon and eggs.



Image Credit-skullsandbacon; spreadshirt

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Bacon Goes Under Cover