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7-Eleven Chooses The Next Prez Via Coffee Cup Poll

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presidential coffeee cup poll

The Presidential Elections are still a couple of months away but speculations about the next Prez has been rife with opinions differing sharply amongst the prediction pundits as well as the common citizens. The 7-Eleven Convenience Store is the latest to take advantage of the situation by providing their coffee customers to vote for the next President.


You need to select a red cup for Romney and a blue one for Obama. The results are tabulated instantly by using an electronic device and each day’s forecast is put up on the 7-Eleven’s website. Although there is nothing remotely scientific or accurate about it, their past results have been 100% correct with the coffee cup polls predicting a win for Obama back in 2008 as well.


Do exercise your coffee cup voting rights soon and you will earn the satisfaction of agreeing with the newscaster when the real results are announced. 



Image Credit-rasmussenreports; 7-Eleven

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7-Eleven Chooses The Next Prez Via Coffee Cup Poll