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Burger Joint Waitress Is a Kate Look Alike

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duchess look alike

Heidi Agan works for 'Scots Lookalike' at £650 an hour. What does her work involve? Dressing up as Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge and making appearances at various events.


Initially the 32 year old woman had been working at a fast food joint for a measly rate of 6 punds per hour. However, she changed her mind as the customers never stopped mistaking her for Kate and were often startled into exclaiming, “Oh! There she is.” Even her 3 year old daughter cannot tell them apart, it seems, and often points at a magazine bearing Kate’s photograph on the cover asking her how she got there.


Heidi decided to take advantage of this unique situation by also managing to get a few dresses similar to Kate’s and now regales her audience by acting as the future Queen. It seems Heidi has said "Bye Bye" to serving Burgers and is having a lot of fun Queening it over the people of London for now.



Image Credit- Getty Images, Reuters, BPM

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Burger Joint Waitress Is A Kate Look Alike