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Waiters Demand A 30% Tip In NYC

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tip-the-waiterThe tipping culture in America in general and New York in particular has always been a little erratic. With many patrons being unpleased by giving a hefty ‘gratuity’, the waiters and bartenders have no other way except to demand for a 25%-30% tip now. The restaurants and hotel do not really pay the servers handsomely which makes them depend on the tips.  


Michael Lyn, a Cornell University Professor studied consumer behavior and stated that 20% isn’t a great tip now, it’s the rule. Another study focused on the number of patrons leaving more than 20% which came up to an abysmal 37%.


While some welcome the move due to economic reasons, a majority are dead against on increasing the tips to 30%. The diners say that they hate to part with good money for slipshod service while another man recalls how he felt like he was Robert De Niro expected to shell out money just because he had received a smile. The New York Times predicts a good time for waiters in the city though due to the increase in travelers which makes it ‘more trips for more tips.’


Will you be willing to pay a whopping 30% of your bill amount as a tip or just risk the waiter’s wrath? Do let us know for sure.


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Waiters Demand A 30% Tip In NYC