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Make Latte With Real Milk Courtesy Starbucks Coffee Machine

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Verismo Coffee machine with Real Milk

Starbucks is now all set to discourage people from visiting its outlets for a cup of coffee. And how do they propose to do it? Well, they are now selling Verismo Coffee machines that we can use for our daily cuppa.


The freshly made latte will be obtained by the addition of ‘real actual milk’ from special technically enhanced milk pods revealed Howard Schultz, the chief officer of the coffee chain. This is what he had to say, “"Our research and development team cracked the code on being able to create a latte using real milk with a proprietary piece of technology. There's no other single-cup machine that makes a latte with fresh milk just like we make it in our stores."


The machines will be available in a variety of colors and will be offered in two distinct models priced $199 and $399 each. Starbucks continues its crusade against the so called unreal milk made from soy. The coffee giant had recently stopped serving any kind of free soy products making the outlet a strict no-no for people with lactose intolerance.



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Make Latte With Real Milk Courtesy Starbucks Coffee Machine