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Endangered Sea Turtle Rescued Before It Could Be Eaten

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Kemp's Ridley sea turtle

A Kemp's ridley sea turtle, which happens to belong to a rare and endangered species was rescued by the authorities in Florida and let loose in the sea again.


The turtle had been kept captive at the house of a farmer since May this year. The Tampa based farmer had kept it in a fish tank and planned to cook and eat it soon. A neighbor suspected that the 15 pound turtle to be an endangered one and promptly informed the Florida Aquarium. The ‘Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’ also got involved in the matter and the turtle was kept at the Aquarium for some time before being released into the sea.


The farmer who harbored hopes of eating it had named it, ‘Lucky’. A name which certainly proved suitable for the turtle but not so lucky for the farmer who swore that he was ignorant about the species with absolutely no idea that it was also endangered and fast becoming extinct.



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Endangered Sea Turtle Rescued Before It Could Be Eaten