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Popinator To Shoot Popcorns Into Mouth

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What could be better than not having to make your own popcorn? Not having to eat it with hands, right? Well, your wish has come true with the “Popinator.”


In simple jargon, this popcorn machine is the world’s first, fully automatic, popcorn shooter. Ya, shooter! One of the weirdest food inventions, this machine shoots popcorn in the direction of your mouth. It does so with the help of voice-activated binaural microphones. These microphones, fitted into the machine, locate the position of your mouth and the trajectory involved in sending the popcorn into your mouth.


The company, Popcorn Indiana, which is devoted to making eating popcorn easier for Americans, has developed this machine. Although, the machine is just a prototype, it will soon be up on the market, with the right financial backing, of course. So, all those lazy fellows out there, get ready for some more sloth!



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Popinator To Shoot Popcorns Into Mouth