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Free Doughnut For The Pirate

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Krispy-Kreme celebrates pirate day

Krispy Kreme, the doughnut store celebrated the tenth anniversary of “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” So what was it? Stolen ships, sunken treasures or a Johnny Depp look alike contest? Er..none of these actually, Krispy Kreme just went about their business as usual by offering a glazed doughnut for free to the person who looked and acted like a pirate.


And if you happened to impersonate a pirate by aping his talk then you could have actually won a dozen of those glossy doughnuts. So it was hooped earings, sinister eyepatches and evil smiles at the store all through out the day. But yes, even Krispy Kreme had to draw the line at cutlasses and said “No Weapons Please!”



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Free Doughnut For The Pirate