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Obese Killer’s Ridiculous Plea: Too Fat To Die

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Obese Killer

If it were not so tragic, an Ohio inmate’s plea that he was too fat to die would have been the most laughable plea ever. But since this plea comes on the shoulder’s of a ghastly crime, that involves brutal killing of a woman, a mother of three, it is being dealt with the contempt that it deserves.


Ronald Post killed an Ohio hotel clerk, Helen Grace Vantz, in 1983, by pumping several bullets into her body during an attempted robbery at the motel where she worked. After the murder trial was over, he was sentenced to death with a single dose of pentobarbital.


Since the murder, Post has eaten his way to gain more than 480 pounds, making himself obese in the process. In a letter to the federal court, he claimed that if he was executed in his present condition, it would mean a “torturous and lingering death” for him. Therefore, he has requested the authorities to delay his execution, which is due in January 2013.


On the other hand, the murder victim’s son says that he has been waiting for justice for his deceased mother for thirty years. He wants Post to “pay his debt to the society” and be executed.

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Obese Killer’s Ridiculous Plea: Too Fat To Die