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Tesco Sells Salad Greens Topped With A Dead Frog!

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Food safety given a miss again! This time it was the London based grocery giant Tesco who had bagged the most awards for superior wines  only recently. However, it was the spinach greens that seemed to be at the root of their troubles now.


A lady was shocked to discover a dead frog in her salad greens as she pushed her fork into the plate. Sarah Moss was understandably outraged and complained to Tesco authorities who did not offer her any discount because she did not hand over the dead frog to them. Later on, however, they relented and gave her a £10 gift voucher on receiving a second complaint. This came close on the heels of a similar incident reported by Olly Goldenberg who was surprised to discover a frog in this bag of spinach too.


The Tesco spokesperson stated that they were "urgently investigating how this happened with our supplier.” A hasty apology together with the statement was that was forthcoming from the company.


Well, it seems that Tesco wants to introduce a new dish of frog leg greens in future. Are you adventurous enough to try Tesco’s spinach now? Do let us know.   



Image Credit- Sarah Moss

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Tesco Sells Salad Greens Topped With A Dead Frog!