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Nick Offerman’s Ode To The Bacon

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Slam Bacon Poem


‘Parks and Recreation’ character Ron Swanson loves bacon. This is no news to all you Nick Offerman fans who follow the series religiously. But the actor has revealed his love for bacon in real life too. In fact, he has divided the world into two distinct parts- the meat & the meat eaters.


His ode to the delicious bacon came in the form of a slam poem which he recited with the help of bongos in a College Humor video for the ‘Malarious’ series. Odd to see the serious government loving character go beatnik all of a sudden, isn’t it? Well, it’s all for a good cause though! The money collected from the video will go towards the organization, “Malaria no more” which aims to eradicate the life threatening disease from Africa within the next 3 years.


A funny but effective way to help a cause! Kudos to Offerman for agreeing to this. Here’s the video. Do enjoy the bacon paean like never before!




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Nick Offerman’s Ode To The Bacon