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Liquor Created By Ad Agency

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white pike whiskey

'Mother New York' is an ad agency involved with designing other people’s products. Not quite satisfied with it they decided to create their very own brand of liquor this year. And so- White Pike was born! It is a clear whiskey launched in March this year, looking to make a ‘bang’ in New York’s busy nightlife scenario.


Is it a tall order for a company only used to creating brands before? Well, it does involve a particularly “steep learning curve” revealed Andrew Deitchman, the leader of the team. Getting the support of bars and restaurants was a great challenge too but White Pike has now managed to beat the odds by getting hold of more than 70 vendors who are willing to stock it.


Mother New York employees found the endeavor much more rewarding than creating images for their clients. They are now serving their own brand of whiskey at the meetings hoping to make the prospective clients willing to toe their line.



Image Credit- beverageworld; tumblr

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Liquor Created By Ad Agency