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Black Bear Robs Sweet Shop

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bear in a sweet shop

A lolly shop located at a Colorado resort was robbed repeatedly. The thief seemed to be quite cautious and did not break in or destroy any property.


The ‘Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’ owner, Jo Adams, decided to check the surveillance cameras after she found a good amount of chocolate and other sweet treats missing. In fact, Adams was astounded to see that the culprit had been sneaking in and out of her shop. The reason? The thief happened to be a big black bear who preferred to take the goodies outside the shop, eat them and then come back for more. The animal managed to make the trip seven times before it was startled by the headlights of a passing car and decided to take off for good.


Well, wonders never cease. Who would have thought that the Colorado sweet shop would be irresistible to a bear?  A great opportunity to promote one’s business though. Is the owner of the ‘Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’ listening?


Image Credit- belfasttelegraph; yourhealthyourlife.wordpress 

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Black Bear Robs Sweet Shop