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Gay Couple Sues Insensitive Restaurant Owner

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Gay Couple

It was to be a memorable day for gay couple Barrett Greene and Thomas Eng but it turned out to be a forgettable one, thanks to an insensitive restaurateur. Greene and Eng had planned to celebrate their wedding at a Greenwich Village restaurant. However, they had to cancel the wedding party because the restaurant owner backed out.


The restaurant did not allow the same-sex wedding party to take place because of a flimsy reason - gay and feng-shui don't gel together. Apparently, the Asian restaurant is built on the principles of feng-shui and the owner did not want to compromise the same by allowing the gay party to take place.


Naturally, the newlyweds were furious as they claimed the restaurant violated their civil rights. They had already met the restaurant manager Tommy Ho to plan a rehearsal dinner, way back in March this year. Greene even made a deposit of $750 for the dinner. For reasons described already, Ho called up to inform that the wedding party had to be moved to another restaurant.


Furious at being treated this way, the gay couple decided to sue the owner and seek damages, while informing that their deposit had not been returned yet. Nevertheless, the gay couple did not let this hitch derail their wedding plans. They were happily married in a rooftop ceremony, as planned.



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Gay Couple Sues Insensitive Restaurant Owner