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Move Over Wine, Whiskey Sells For Record Price

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Bowmore whiskey

You may have heard about ancient bottles of wine or champagne being sold for record prices but no such luck has ever visited the whiskey. Well, things are changing now and if all goes well, the Bowmore whiskey, the oldest bottle of whiskey, could be sold for a price of $162,000. If you didn't know already, this would be a record price for a bottle of Scotch in the world.


The whiskey, Bowmore 1957, is 54 years old and it was put into a bottle in 2011. Only 12 such bottles exist in the world, for which, the first auction will take place at Bonhams in Edinburgh. The second bottle of this lot will go on sale again in the same month in New York.


This auction comes with a charity aspect with the distillery ready to donate the proceeds to Scottish charities.



Image Courtesy: wikicollecting

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Move Over Wine, Whiskey Sells For Record Price