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Can You Sit On A Jelly Roll?

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Sofa like Jelly Roll?

The Danish Design studio, KiBiSi gives shape to fantasy but it seems that Bjarke Ingels, the senior partner has been dreaming of jelly rolls when he thought of designing a sofa. The roll on furniture looks exactly like a jellyroll and has been aptly named as ‘Roulade.’ The finished product looks like a combination of mattress and a Chesterfield or a chair and a couch which is made of high density foam unlike its namesake which is a rich sponge cake rolled over jam, butter or cream. While the French and Europeans also enjoy the savory versions of roulade containing minced meat, Ingels seems to have a prominent sweet tooth. So its jelly rolls for him even when it comes to sitting down. Comfort is the key here, whether it is from the food you eat or the place you rest. We sincerely hope that the Roulade sofa becomes as popular as the cake and is cherished by all and sundry.


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Can You Sit On A Jelly Roll?