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McNoodles, Inspired By Asia, Launched In Austria

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McDonald’s is always looking to beat competition and in doing so, it ends up launching landmark products, and inviting backlash from public health advocates as well. Never mind that, the fast food chain has done it yet again with its Asia-inspired McNoodles, in Austria.


Sorry to point out that the two latest noodle varieties would be offered just in Austria for the time being, even though the dish is inspired by Asia. The noodle dishes are launched as part of a consumer test, which will last for two to three months. The noodles meal contains chicken, vegetables, salad, and sweet-n-sour or curry sauce. It will cost Austrians $6.56 per serving.


However, the question everyone is asking is that why McDonald’s is launching its McNoodles in Austria and not Asia, where China has emerged as the largest consumer of instant noodles recently?


But for now, there is no reply from the hamburger chain in this regard.



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McNoodles, Inspired By Asia, Launched In Austria