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Panera Cares For Community Beyond Bread

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The credit goes to Ron Shaich, founder and co-CEO of Panera Bread, for turning his brand into something more than just a bread house. The name may be misleading, the “Panera Bread Foundation” (PBF) but make no mistake about its intentions.


While discussing the ‘Panera Cares Initiative’ recently, Shaich was forthcoming on the fact that he has set out to ameliorate the hungry in America. Food security being a serious issue for various sections of US population, his words are sweet music to people who have to worry about where their next meal would come from.


Apart from holding fort as Panera Bread’s Chairman and co-CEO, Shaich also looks after the activities of PBF, where they work to create nonprofit community cafes. These cafes do not have price listed on the menu. Instead, there are suggested donation amounts and it is upto the customers to decide what contribution they want to put into the donation bins. Those who can’t help with cash, can donate their time by choosing to volunteer in the PBF cafes in exchange for a meal.


Touting the principles of ‘conscious capitalism’, Shaich points out a painful fact – one in six Americans lives in a ‘food insecure’ household and one in ten American adults is unemployed. It is already a news that 50 million Americans may not be able to afford food in the present times. Add those statistics and you begin to understand the importance of initiatives such as Panera Cares.




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Panera Cares For Community Beyond Bread