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Pizza Takes A Giant Leap

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Space pizza

Cili, claimed to be the biggest pizza chain in the Baltics, decided to jump high on its 15th anniversary. A mouthwatering pizza was carefully prepared with a colorful topping before it was sent soaring above the earth. Yes, Cili managed to earn the reputation of delivering a pizza in space. But how was that made possible? Well, the food was carried to the topmost layer of the atmosphere courtesy a specially built weather balloon. The entire event was watched avidly from the surface of the earth even as movie cameras recorded every instant of the ‘pizza flight’.’ The Hawaiian Pizza managed to scale a height of 108,000 feet before it fell back to the ground. The ‘operation space pizza’ team hunted for the fast food for more than 2 hours before it was discovered hanging upside down from a tree. It looked quite edible although we can hardly label it as fresh after its giant leap. It’s a pity that none of the team members were brave enough to taste it after its space adventure.



Image Credit- Cili

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Pizza Takes A Giant Leap