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Japanese Word Inappropriate In Canada

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inappropriate name

Meanings of words change with language making a particular word appear downright offensive when written in another tongue. A sushi joint in Montreal was at the receiving end this time when its owner decided to name it after a Japanese marital art form, ‘Fukyu.’ All hell broke loose and people started complaining to the landlord of the premises who decided to sue the owner. The lawsuit claimed that the owner, John De Melo had to take permission from his landlord before putting up such an offensive and provocative sign. The Judge agreed with the claim and asked De Melo to either hide the words or take down the sign within the next 24 hours. The restaurateur obliged but maintains that he wanted “something catchy and Japanese. We didn't think it would be inappropriate." Whatever be the reason the lawsuit has made his eatery famous and De Melo hopes to convert the negative image into dollars very soon.  



Image Credit- msn; beliefnet; techspot

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Japanese Word Inappropriate In Canada